Managing Conversations with Contacts on Android

Taking control of important business and contact conversations is made easy with TalkNotes Plus. This video highlights contact information and previous conversation notes which appear before call pickup and are available during the conversation. You can easily attach notes to the call log after a call; plus add reminders that appear on your calendar.

MobileAppTek integrates S Pen into TalkNotes Plus for Samsung Galaxy Note Users

With the latest release, 1.8.0  TalkNotes Plus, our development team has integrated the Samsung Galaxy Note S Pen. The S Pen provides faster and more accurate input than conventional stylus pens. It is an input tool that provides a similar feel to an actual pen by detecting the pressure applied on the screen with great accuracy. For Galaxy Note Users, who struggle with the keyboard; here is a more natural input method.

What separates TalkNotes Plus from all the other mobile notes apps?

We are still the only notes app in the mobile market in which you can capture and review conversation notes related to the current contact or phone number, during the phone call. If you conduct business by telephone, you will no longer have to rely on your memory about conversations or go the extra step of invoking and searching for notes in a separate app. As one of our customers noted ” TalkNotes Plus extends my memory. ”

S-Pen interface in TalkNotes Plus

S-Pen interface in TalkNotes Plus

Samsung Galaxy Note users, whether keyboard or S Pen, capture your notes with TalkNotes Plus.

TalkNotes Plus is available on Google Play

Adding a Company Name in TalkNotes Plus

Contact List

Diagram 1

Most of our customers use TalkNotes Plus for business and need to assign company names to their contacts. Here are the steps.

  1. Access your Contact List
  2. Tap Menu button and the Company Option will appear at the bottom of the screen

See Diagram #1



Diagram 2

You are now in the Companies View
To add a new company name

  1. Click the + sign in the upper right corner of the screen

See Diagram #2


Diagram 3


A text box will appear “Given Name”.

  1. Add the new company name
  2. Click Save

There is also a subcategory under Company called Matter for additional identification of a Contact.

See Diagram #3

TalkNotes Plus Call Manifest – Call Summary for Billing & Activity Log

TalkNotes Plus Call Manifest

TalkNotes Plus Call Manifest

There are professionals such as lawyers, physicians, consultants, therapists and recruiters who are obliged to bill for telephone time spent with a client. If the business is not utilizing a full CRM tracking system, documenting call duration can be a nuisance and lead to inaccuracies. With the powerful mobile app TalkNotes Plus, you no longer have to wait for an itemized call log from the telephone company. Continue reading

Realtors Stay Smart with TalkNotes Plus


Realtors Notes TalkNotes Plus

Real Estate agents require keeping precise information about sellers and their homes for sales, as well as buyers and the type of homes they require. This often leads to a series of phone communications on new offerings, selection processes, as well as the to do list – finance, inspection, closing and moving in.

  • What TalkNotes Plus provides is a means of creating and saving vital information on buyers and sellers in contact lists and notes on homes for sales or desired, which are promptly accessible while preparing for a call, on call ringing or during a call.
  • Both notes and contact records are searchable, and sortable; keeping this wealth of information at your fingertips by smart phone. For example matching a new listing with buyers stored as contact, or matching a caller to inventory of homes stored in notes. Continue reading

Android Challenges iPhone in all Categories


Our smartphones have become an essential and personalized piece of equipment. With loyalties sometimes based on emotion, it is often difficult to be objective on the pros and cons of the 2 industry giants. Nevertheless the battle for supremacy is on and the consumer is the winner

Successful Recruiting with TalkNotes Plus


Recruiting with TalkNotes Plus

Effective recruitment requires keeping precise information about companies and their job offerings, matching qualified candidates and often essential phone communication between the parties in the recruitment and placement process.

What TalkNotes Plus provides is a means of creating and saving vital recruitment information such as contact lists and relevant notes, which are promptly accessible while preparing for a call, incoming call or during a call. Continue reading

Canvassing for Sales with TalkNotes Plus


Sales Canvassing with TalkNotes Plus

Tracking sales prospects is essential for maximizing the ability to turn prospective clients into customers. Sales’ canvassing is a multiple-step process with certain customers; involving a constant thread of discussion. There is also the need to schedule appointments, present product news or announcements, as well as reaching out, or touching base from time to time. This process could involve a large number of contacts which need to be organized to maximize your sales effort on the phone.

TalkNotes Plus provides the power of a sales canvassing app right on your smart phone! Continue reading

TalkNotes Plus Takes Caller ID to Another Level

Extended Caller ID

Extended Caller ID

Caller ID has been a wonderful phone option that allows one to ignore calls from telemarketers and identify the caller before answering the phone. However, for professionals who communicate with hundreds of people and solicit business over the phone, the standard Caller ID is not sufficient. It is possible that callers could have the same or similar names. There could be a need to know the purpose of the call, or prepare talking points. All these requiremtns are satisfied by TalkNotes Plus Extended Caller ID feature, by providing useful data to identify the caller, before you answer the call. Continue reading