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TalkNotes Plus Takes Caller ID to Another Level

Extended Caller ID

Extended Caller ID

Caller ID has been a wonderful phone option that allows one to ignore calls from telemarketers and identify the caller before answering the phone. However, for professionals who communicate with hundreds of people and solicit business over the phone, the standard Caller ID is not sufficient. It is possible that callers could have the same or similar names. There could be a need to know the purpose of the call, or prepare talking points. All these requiremtns are satisfied by TalkNotes Plus Extended Caller ID feature, by providing useful data to identify the caller, before you answer the call.

Extended Caller ID is one of the features of TalkNotes Plus that has received praise from our users. Their words say it best (Extracted from Google Play – TalkNote Plus/TalkNotes):

“They should jog my memory before I answer.”

“Love the software… helps me to extend my memory and follow up on sales”

“Extremely useful app for managing sales contacts”

“Very nice If you need to take notes during calls this is it”

These positive feedbacks encourage us to keep listening to our users and implement their suggestions to increase the usefulness of TalkNotes Plus.

Available now on Google Play

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