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Canvassing for Sales with TalkNotes Plus


Sales Canvassing with TalkNotes Plus

Tracking sales prospects is essential for maximizing the ability to turn prospective clients into customers. Sales’ canvassing is a multiple-step process with certain customers; involving a constant thread of discussion. There is also the need to schedule appointments, present product news or announcements, as well as reaching out, or touching base from time to time. This process could involve a large number of contacts which need to be organized to maximize your sales effort on the phone.

TalkNotes Plus provides the power of a sales canvassing app right on your smart phone!

  • Provides means of entering preparatory notes on prospects, to focus on specific prospect needs. Such information is presented on call ringing or pickup.
  • Enter, review and save notes on the thread of a conversation, while the call is in progress.
  • Multitask and create additional sales lead record in the contact database during an in-progress call
  • Global search, sort and filter features to retrieve and review existing notes and or contacts
  • Schedule contact follow-up appointments during the call, which are automatically posted to the Google calendar.
  • Extract notes list for daily todo list, sales prospects, sales milestones
  • Social Media Ready – Notes could be shared through SMS, email, Facebook and Twitter
  • Manage large number of prospects and or client contacts In TalkNotes Plus.
  • Notes could be exported to a spread sheet or uploaded and archived in the cloud.
  • Ability to take picture, record sound file and attach to conversation notes – quick menu to email all to your customer

Available now on Google Play

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