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Successful Recruiting with TalkNotes Plus


Recruiting with TalkNotes Plus

Effective recruitment requires keeping precise information about companies and their job offerings, matching qualified candidates and often essential phone communication between the parties in the recruitment and placement process.

What TalkNotes Plus provides is a means of creating and saving vital recruitment information such as contact lists and relevant notes, which are promptly accessible while preparing for a call, incoming call or during a call.

TalkNotes Plus organizes large number of contacts which can be categorized through subjects, like skill sets (J2EE Front-end web, DBA), or work experience details; allowing searching for potential candidate while in a phone conversation.

  • The potential employers can be established in TalkNotes Plus as companies, divisions, specific requirements, or the (POC) point of contact.
  • Both notes and contact records are searchable, and sortable. Keeping this wealth of information at your fingertips by smart phone can give you the competitive edge
  • Schedule candidate follow-up appointments, during a phone call, then automatic posting to the Google calendar as event reminders. These scheduled reminders are also in notes, which could be extracted as a TODO list for the day; allowing verification of outstanding steps and marking for completion.
  • Apart from keeping in touch during the hiring process, there is need to keep in touch with all job candidates over the weeks, months, and years – even if nothing else but a simple e-mail stating – “I haven’t forgotten you…come back and update your resume on our job board for future re-consideration.” TalkNotes Plus provides an easy way to stay in touch over an extended period of time.
  • Reminders  could also be set for periodic touching base with  hiring managers.
  • Also Social Media Ready – Notes can be shared through Facebook and Twitter

TalkNotes Plus is available on Google Play

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