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Realtors Stay Smart with TalkNotes Plus


Realtors Notes TalkNotes Plus

Real Estate agents require keeping precise information about sellers and their homes for sales, as well as buyers and the type of homes they require. This often leads to a series of phone communications on new offerings, selection processes, as well as the to do list – finance, inspection, closing and moving in.

  • What TalkNotes Plus provides is a means of creating and saving vital information on buyers and sellers in contact lists and notes on homes for sales or desired, which are promptly accessible while preparing for a call, on call ringing or during a call.
  • Both notes and contact records are searchable, and sortable; keeping this wealth of information at your fingertips by smart phone. For example matching a new listing with buyers stored as contact, or matching a caller to inventory of homes stored in notes.

After a buyer selects a home, there is the buying process starting with the offer negotiation, contact acceptance, mortgage application, inspection, as well as other steps up to approval and closing. TalkNotes Plus is an invaluable tool in this process

  • Keep record of each stage the process is in on the smart phone which can be reviewed periodically to facilitate follow up.
  • Schedule contact follow-up appointments, during a phone call, then automatic posting to the Google calendar as event reminders. These scheduled reminders are also in notes, which could be extracted as a TODO list for the day; allowing verification of outstanding steps and marking for completion.
  • Apart from written notes, pictures and sound could be recorded. From material options to choose from, defects that need fixing, extra ordinary noise from appliances or train noises near the building. TakNotes Plus makes full usage of the smart phone camera and audio record and play to attach multi-media to notes. Notes could be sent to contact through SMS and full notes with multi-media attachments could be sent through email, all within TalkNotes Plus
  • Apart from the capability to capture the information for the buying process on the smart phone, there is the well revered feature of TalkNotes Plus. That is the presentation of the requisite information during call ringing and after call pick-up or during conversation. These are covered in depth in our documentation on Extended Caller Identification and Quick View of contacts notes during call taking.
  • These notes would become part of operational information. TalkNotes Plus provide means of backing up into cloud as well as recovery.

In this days of fast moving requirements and offerings the role that TalkNotes Plus plays could be well described by user feedback “helps me to extend my memory and follow up ..”. There is also the operational assist and information presented and kept at the tip of your fingers.

TalkNotes Plus is available on Google Play

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