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Managing Conversations with Contacts on Android

Taking control of important business and contact conversations is made easy with TalkNotes Plus. This video highlights contact information and previous conversation notes which appear before call pickup and are available during the conversation. You can easily attach notes to the call log after a call; plus add reminders that appear on your calendar.

4 thoughts on “Managing Conversations with Contacts on Android

  1. Just got the paid version a couple of minutes back when you open contacts and scroll the contacts there is a lot of jitter ss it scrolls on sg note 2.

    • That defect is significant and noticeable in android versions starting with Android Ice cream sandwich OS (4.0) version.
      Your Note 2 has one of these OS latest versions.
      Within the next 2 weeks, we shall be able to announce when an updated version with the fix for this issue would be available.
      We thank you first for using TalkNotes Plus and providing feedback on this issue. We look forward to more feedback from you.

  2. Has a fix for the jitter public? I tried and really like the application. I am using Note 3 and it is not allowing to attach a contact to the notes.

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